System Disruption - 13th March 2015

We are currenly experiencing a major service disruption. You may find that during this time the site appears to load but will be slow and may drop out from time to time. We believe this is due to an external internet issues but continue to investigate.

12:00 - We have isolated the ISP network links that was causing the problems and the service has been re-established



Today at approximately 11:30 various customers started complaining of voice breakup and general performance issues.  Investigation revealed significant packet loss to and from these customers.
Initially it was suspected that affected customers were using a common ISP, however upon further investigation it was found that all customers affected were routing via a specific DXI transit provider.
At 12:00 DXI disabled the connections to the affected transit provider and this resolved the issue.
The connections remain down and will only be reinstated out-of-hours when it can be verified the issue has been cleared with the upstream carrier.


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